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Hey come on in! Let me dry my hands and get us a cool drink.

Whew,  I'm happy to take a break from these dishes.  

Let's sit and chat for awhile.  Take a seat, we can 

put our feet up and enjoy touring my site together.

If you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself.  

I am Judy T and my hubby, Ray, passed away in September of 2011. I live in Northern Indiana. 

We moved here from Michigan, but that don't make me all bad.  

I am proud to say I have 10 kids - 20 grandkids,  

and 10 great grandkids - the last time I counted- 

but someone could have slipped one in there when I wasn't looking!

You can learn more about me in the following pages.  

Enjoy your visit and don't forget to sign the guest book 

so I will know you were here.  

Thanks for stopping by and giving me a break (I hate doing dishes)!









I have permission from the authors of the Poems and stories to use them on my website.
If you find something that should not be here, email me, and I will make the appropriate corrections.

Thank you.



Page by Judy Taylor ~ June 2008